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'Ning B3tans. This place is going to be a bit messy while I get it sorted out and find out what does what. If you think I'm doing it wrong or have a suggestion, do speak up. This blog entry gets edited a lot as I think of more stuff to say, so look at it from time to time.
If anyone fancies being a mod do say so, just remember that I can naughty step you if you abuse your powers.

You probably will get a flurry of activity in your message centre as people start to join and submit stuff, but don't forget you can always unwatch deviations if it gets annoying.

Don't forget also that as well as submitting existing pieces from your dA gallery, you can submit a new piece and not have it show in your gallery (in case you want to upload, say, a B3ta FP you're proud of, but have an arty dA gallery you don't want to pollute with that sort of thing).

Happy baby orangutan: founder
Zeppelin: co-founder
Watermelon: mod
B3tard: contributor
Member: newbie tuesday

Once I've bumped you up to Contributor status you should be able to add stuff to the galleries without moderation - I trust you lot to be sensible with it. Apparently there are bugs with contributing things to the galleries; I'll try to sort them out as I notice them.
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Submitted on
December 7, 2009